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Week of 7/24/17 to 7/28/17

A few key takeaways from this week regarding each team member:
-Eddie Wood has been helping out all of this week, he has been working with Khang and Timothy to get a solid understanding of the bogie mobile app process.
-Tuesday was Timothy's last day
-Next week is Khang's last week, any questions/concerns need to be asked next week.
-Shane has been working on constructing useful documentation as well as getting more bogies built


A major issue we have been running into as a team is instructions on how to set up and test the bogie. This has resulted in frustration and poor use of time. Our goal is to come up with a "master" document that is the go-to guide for any new team that plans to join. This document will be one folder that has everything needed to understand, test and implement new designs for the 1/12th scale bogie and mobile application. Shane has been working on this documentation, which is very time consuming because it consists of going through all …

Week of 7/17/17 to 7/20/17

Updates Regarding Software:
Towards the end of this week, Wednesday to be exact, we finally got a hold of one of the previous members of the team, Johnny, over Skype to discuss the phone application issue. The issue with the application we've been having since the beginning of the internship has been solved! It turns out that the previous team never gave us the updated phone app program, they gave us the OUTDATED program. Later that night Johnny (previous SSW team member) updated the GitHub.

Thursday morning Khang, Eddie, and Timothy tested the bogie with the new updated phone app and everything works as it should!

On Monday, we had the Silicon Valley Automotive Open, we had many people interested and it went very well.

The rest of the time this week was spent working with setting up the encoders for positioning. Currently we are working on setting up a distance from station 1 to 4 based on the average amount of steps counted by the encoder. We are also trying to come up with the…

Week of July 10, 2017 - July 14, 2017

The goal for this week was to get at least two bogies running for the Silicon Valley Automotive Open as well as having at least one bogie communicate with the mobile application. Fortunately, we were able to get 3 bogies running with the mobile Android application on the 1/12 test track.

While running the bogies we noticed that the test track has a lot of imperfections that cause the bogie to get stuck or misaligned to a point where the bogie switch lever gets jammed. We spent quite a bit of time trying to level the track and to make sure that the inner width of the track is 2 inches. This temporarily fixed the issues, on Monday we will check to see if the issues persist.

As for the bogies running with the mobile application, we can get the bogies to pick up a ticket and go to the station. At the station, the application should get a pop up screen that confirms the pick up, as instructed by the previous team, but we are not successful in getting this pop up screen (aka code 300). This…
Confirmed that we can force it to stage 3 by coding the Firebase to status 300 but that still doesn't solve our problem.

New member Shane.
He managed to get a second pod running. Originally, the second pod had some trouble with the hall effect sensors.
Strangely, the second pod occasionally changes track to the inner loop when we coded the Arduino for the outer loop. Will investigate later
We narrowed the problem down to the pod having trouble leaving the station.
There are 4 stages for the pod:
1. Accepting the ticket request.
2. Arriving at pickup station.
3. Leaving pickup station.
4. Arriving at destination station.

We have no trouble with stages 1 and 2 but stage 3 is not activating. We can push the pod along and force it to stage 4 and confirmed it was working but the Firebase server is a little strange as a result.

We had some trouble communicating with XBees when one is mounted on an Arduino.
Using SoftwareSerial.h you have to use Serial.write() not XBee.write().
There are some trouble with the communication but we finally fixed it.