Week of 7/24/17 to 7/28/17

A few key takeaways from this week regarding each team member:
-Eddie Wood has been helping out all of this week, he has been working with Khang and Timothy to get a solid understanding of the bogie mobile app process.
-Tuesday was Timothy's last day
-Next week is Khang's last week, any questions/concerns need to be asked next week.
-Shane has been working on constructing useful documentation as well as getting more bogies built


A major issue we have been running into as a team is instructions on how to set up and test the bogie. This has resulted in frustration and poor use of time. Our goal is to come up with a "master" document that is the go-to guide for any new team that plans to join. This document will be one folder that has everything needed to understand, test and implement new designs for the 1/12th scale bogie and mobile application. Shane has been working on this documentation, which is very time consuming because it consists of going through all of the files in the archives to understand every detail about our teams project.

Eddie Wood has been helping out this entire week to better understand the mobile application as well as assist Khang on the encoder design for tracking position of bogie. Khang has been working diligently on the encoders trying to make sure everything works, which would allow a strong foundation for future teams to build off.

Figure 1: Tracking position with encoders requires two Arduino's.
             This allows one Arduino to solely record position data.  

Before leaving, Timothy was able to put together step-by-step instructions on how to use Android Studio as a virtual device to run the mobile application. This is critical for users that do not have an Android phone. Timothy did a great job explaining the purpose of certain steps in the instructions, shown in Figure 2 below. 

Figure 2: Screenshot of a few steps of the Android Studio instructions.

Towards the end of this week Eddie tried to get the NodeJS to open the server, but ran into many roadblocks. Versions of which NodeJS to download is very important on being able to get it to run with the server, attempts of trial and error continued throughout the day. Eventually, a previous team member replied back to an email explaining the proper version to install, version 6. This resulted in a few more errors, which was also later solved by previous team member, Tim Heflin.

Figure 3: Screenshot of Tim Heflin's proposed solution for node error in NodeJS.

Shane spent this entire week working on a build procedure for the bogie. The build procedure specifies the proper wiring and pin layout of each component of the bogie (ie., motors, hall effect sensors, LED, etc.) onto the ProtoShield connected to the Arduino Mega. Currently most of the bogie components are pre-wired from previous teams, but a major issue arises when someone needs to rewire a motor. If you pay close attention to Figure 4a/4b below, compare the color scheme of the motor versus the pins connected to the ProtoShield. A brief understanding of what each pin refers to can be seen in Figure 5. 

Figure 4a, 4b: Current wire configuration for DC motor and encoder.

Figure 5: Correct pin layout of encoder/dc motor onto the ProtoShield. 

Aside from the wiring, Shane also fully assembled 2 bogies, which brings our total bogie count to 5. Each of these two bogies are using new design components, further testing will be done next week. 

Next week Agenda:

Our goal for next week is to get a fully detailed understanding of how to set up the mobile application to run with the bogie, the explaining process will be instructed by Khang. By Wednesday the latest, Eddie and Shane need to be able to run the mobile application without any issues and without the help of Khang. Since next week is Khang's last week all questions need to be answered and any confusions cleared. It is important to note that Khang Doan has been the lead for running the bogie with the mobile app and running the encoders, Eddie and Shane must get a full understanding of all software knowledge needed to run the bogie before Khang leaves. 


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