Week of July 10, 2017 - July 14, 2017

The goal for this week was to get at least two bogies running for the Silicon Valley Automotive Open as well as having at least one bogie communicate with the mobile application. Fortunately, we were able to get 3 bogies running with the mobile Android application on the 1/12 test track.

While running the bogies we noticed that the test track has a lot of imperfections that cause the bogie to get stuck or misaligned to a point where the bogie switch lever gets jammed. We spent quite a bit of time trying to level the track and to make sure that the inner width of the track is 2 inches. This temporarily fixed the issues, on Monday we will check to see if the issues persist.

As for the bogies running with the mobile application, we can get the bogies to pick up a ticket and go to the station. At the station, the application should get a pop up screen that confirms the pick up, as instructed by the previous team, but we are not successful in getting this pop up screen (aka code 300). This is the biggest issue we are facing and due to the lack of comments in the program, it is taking longer than expected to resolve.

Currently, Bogie 3 is being used to implement rotary encoders to read positioning. We are using the original Arduino Mega and a newly added Arduino Uno. The Arduino Uno is used to constantly read and record positioning data.

We also found an issue with the Arduino "Mega 2017 Scheduling New Expansion Board" program, which consisted of all the bogies being programmed as Bogie 1. This issue arises when the Xbee needs to communicate to a bogie while there are two Bogie's on the track. With both Bogie's labeled 1, a miscommunication occurs and the two Bogie's will run into each other.

We plan to document all of our changes to issues we found to ease the process for future teams.


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