Week of 7/31/2017 to 8/4/2017

Brief description of progress this week:
-Mobile application now works using Android Studio Virtual Device on our laptop
-Rotary encoders on DC motor work, collects data (millions of values). Next, need to correlate the data given with distances on the track.
-Xbee/buffer issue, stated by previous team, is actually a server issue. Solution has been implemented.
-Victor Mercola is working on new design of bogie implementing quicker and easier assembling as well as air cooling for Arduino.
-Had issues with dc motors
-NiMH batteries no longer powerful enough

More details of this week:
The beginning of this week was spent entirely on trying to get the mobile Android application working with our laptops by setting up a Virtual Device in Android Studio. On Tuesday we concluded that we are having a "serialport" issue when we try to open the server since the application was able to work using Khang Doan's laptop to open the server. We were very fortunate that former teammate, Timothy Fong, was able to stop by the warehouse and assist on this issue. When he attempted to open the server using the command window on Shane's laptop, he recognized the error message and recommended using GitShell instead of the command window. Using GitShell allowed us to open the serial port and run the bogies.

We noticed that the bogies were running slower than before on the track, even with a full battery charge. Inspected the bogie and noticed that there is more resistance in the DC motors when we turn the wheel. Also, 4 of the bogies had at least one motor where it either failed or locked up due to particles in the gear assembly. Refer to Shane's blog for more details and potential causes to this issue.

As far as the software side (mobile app, server, firebase, xbee, etc.) of the 1/12th scale we are making improvements as we go. The "Buffer Issue" as described by the previous team being due to Xbee configuration is not entirely true. The buffer issue is a result of the asynchronous programming behind the server, this will be described in greater detail on our Final Report.

Agenda for next week:
-Assemble all 6 bogies and have them run on the track
-Finalize final report and well as procedures for all the important areas of the 1/12th scale
-Research more about the DC motor and battery issue, look into a better long term solution


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